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Pet Import To India


There are two ways to Import / Relocate your pet into India:

  • Accompanied baggage: When the pet owner is travelling on the same flight as the pet and the pet dog/cat has been booked as Excess/Checked/Accompanied Baggage.
  • Unaccompanied baggage : When the pet is booked by the Airline cargo, it is not necessary for the pet to travel on the same flight as the owner. Note: Only 2 pets at a time are allowed to travel under one owner's name irrespective of whether the pet is booked as Accompanied Baggage or as Manifest/Unaccompanied Cargo into India.

Whether your pet is travelling as an Accompanied Baggage or In-cabin in the Aircraft or as Manifest Cargo it is mandatory to obtain the NOC (No Objection Certificate) for your pet from the Quarantine Office here in India. The basic requirement for a Pet Dog/ Cat travelling into India is the NOC (No Objection Certificate), which is the Import Permit for the pet's entry into India. It would be foolhardy to relocate your pet into India without this Documentation.

Indiapetrelocators can obtain this NOC for your pet on your behalf to be able to relocate anywhere in India. Though the rules for obtaining the NOC almost remains same across the country, the Government guidelines change frequently, requiring you to check with us on the latest rules, when you plan to travel. The Animal Quarantine in India has become particularly strict with pet import rules in India. Hence it would always be best to have your pet's paperwork in place before travel.

For obtaining or any other information regarding NOC , pls mail us at:

Our Pet Import services include-

  • Consultancy & Advice on required Documentations.
  • Obtaining The NOC / Import permit on your behalf.
  • Veterinary certifications
  • Completion of the Quarantine paperwork.
  • Post landing/arrival Quarantine paper work and formalities
Documents Required by Foreign Nationals to Enter India with Pets ( IMPORT)

1. Airline ticket of yours
2. Vaccination records ( Current)
3. Sanitary/ health certificate
4. Letter of Job offer in India
5. Proof of transfer of residence in India
6. Copy of passport
7. A copy of lease agreement/ stay in India
8. A letter from Your company in India stating that you are here for at least 1 year or more for work
9. An Authorization letter on your business letter head stating that you are asking me i.e Dr Chiro Priyo Mitra to obtain the NOC for importing your Pets into India Copy of India
10. Indian Business visa
11. FRRO papers
12. If coming as Student then University/School admission papers duly signed by the Authorities
13. Microchip and Rabies Blood Test NOT mandatory to enter India but good to have it done.

For Indian Nationals or OICD card holders the documents pretty much remain the same besides a few additional ones.

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