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Travel By Air

TRAVEL BY AIR - DOMESTIC In Domestic flights of Jet Airways, Air India pets can travel in cargo hold. The pilot should be informed in writing prior to the flight take off a live animal being there in the cargo hold and he would do the necessary adjustments of temperature and pressure in the hold for the same. Pets below 10 weeks of age are not allowed to travel by flights. The charge for your pet traveling on the aircraft depends on the weight of your pet and is different from airline to airline.

Note-Jet airways doesn't allow Dogs with Pug nose on their flights, so all those Dogs which have a snout of a Pug or of Boxers are not allowed on their flights.

General Airline rules for traveling with your pet by Air

1. Your pet has to be duly vaccinated and you have to carry the latest vaccination records.
2. A certificate by a veterinarian is required to certify that your pet is physically fit to fly (not older than 24 hrs.)
3. Your pet has to be placed on an IATA specified cage during the flight. 4. The maximum size of the cage can be 53" x 48" x 34" for Jet Airways. Some of the others airlines are not specific about the cage size.
5. The Duty Manager at the Airport has to be informed 24 to 48 hrs before the flight about your pet traveling on the flight.
6. The pet with his/her IATA specified cage has to be checked in 3 hours prior to the flight time.
7. For further queries on your pet travel contact the cargo department of the airlines.
8. We suggest that you offer water to your pet as close to two hours before the flight as possible.
9. Before boarding the aircraft,ask the ground staff of the airline to confirm that your pet has been loaded.
10. When you board the aircraft, inform the captain and flight attendant that your pet is on board and require that they confirm to you that your pet has been loaded. If you do not have access to the captain, give the flight attendant a note for the captain in which you ask that he or she assure you that your pet has been loaded and is, in fact, on board.
11. Claim your pet as soon as possible after you reach your destination.
12. If your flight is not a nonstop, leave the aircraft and check on your pet during the layover. If the layover is long, confirm that the pet is unloaded for the layover and not allowed to remain in the cargo hold or out in the sunlight.
13. If the layover is long enough, claim your pet, take it for a walk, and offer some water before you reboard.
14. Never change planes without claiming and rechecking your pet, even if the airline gives you this option.

On the Pet Crate/Cage
Attach a label to the crate with the flight information, destination, arrival contact name and number and some special instructions for handlers if you have to. Place labels stating "LIVE ANIMAL" in letters at least one inch high with arrows pointing upright on all sides and an additional label without arrows on the top. We suggest including a friendly note printed on the top as follows: "Hi, I am (name), a (breed/type) going to (destination) on flight # (flight number). Thanks for taking good care of me"